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The VHealth Passport National ID verification using iDocufy by Hello Soda

Using iDocufy, VHealth Passportcan verify any customer in the world using their national identity document. 

The technology can analyse over 5,000 document types which includes driving licence, passport, national ID card, birth certificate, residence document, voter ID, permit, visa, vehicle registration, weapon licence, tribal identification, and beyond. iDocufy can verify any national identity document in the world.

Demo PassportHow we verify a global identity document


Visual ID – The photo presented on the document, in this example a passport, is checked for authenticity.

Document Data

Document ID Number – The identity number presented on the document, in this case passport number, is checked for authenticity.

Expiry Date – The passport expiry date is checked to ensure it is still in date.

Biographic Data

Full Name – The full name (and address if stated) are captured, and checked against the personal details that the customer provided.

Date of Birth- Based on the age criteria the DoB is checked to ensure the requirements are met.


Issuer – The ID document is checked for a valid issuer (country) and a valid issue type (e.g. passport).


Customer takes a photo of the front and back of their ID document.


Images and data are processed instantly and securely in the cloud.


50+ forensic tests are performed on the document image in real-time.


Optional facial recognition match can be performed using BioMatch.

Images Tampering Checks

Examines a document image for evidence of tampering or digital manipulation for the purpose of fraudulent activity.

Layout Validation

Verifies that the layout (relative positions of features on the document) are within the normal area of the document.

Visible Security Features

Verifies that all security features in the visible spectrum are present and in the expected location on the document.

Overlay Pattern

Checks the document authenticity to verify the presence of a pattern on the document overlay and verifies the integrity of the document.

MRZ Crosscheck

Cross references document data, biographic data and classification data against the information contained in one or more visible or machine-readable fields.

Photo Printing

Verifies that a detailed photo printing technique was used and that the photo has not been substituted.

Our Expertise

iDocufy provides a number of benefits when performing global identity document verification

Analyses all visual and electronic data from any ID in the world in real-time. Authenticates via the largest database in the world, which recognises over 5,000 types of identification.

5,000 Document Types

Verify over 5,000 document types across the globe.

Real-time Results

Automated and real-time decision engine.

Cost Savings

Saving time and thus reducing onboarding costs.

Reducing Errors

Reducing friction and eliminating manual errors.