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Track & Trace

Exclusively available via the V-Health Passport™ system. A ‘trackandtrace’ venue code is set up via the dashboard by creating a digital geo-fence for a music, sports, theatre, pub, or hotel venue.

What Is A digital Geo Fence? A digital geo fence is an area defined via a platform technology to prohibit information or an action taking place either inside or outside of the area set in the system.

What Does This Mean For Track & Trace? Unlike QR codes that just link to a website anywhere at any time allowing for misuse or bad data… a VCode® would only allow a user to interact with the code when they are at the venue, if they interact away from the venue they will see ‘access denied’ or an alternative promotion by that venue.

What Does The Venue Code Link To? When within the Geo-fence, a venue’s VCode® will link to a symptom checker and also prompt the user to report on the Covid safe measures and how many people are in their group.

What Happens With The Data? The data is stored anonymously against both the Venue code and the Users passport account.

How Is The Data Useful? If a passport user who has visited the venue tests positive for coronavirus, other users who visited the venue on that same day will automatically receive an email, text and app alert prompting them to be re-tested. 

How To Get A Code?

The Venue VCodes are FREE of charge… First sign up for a FREE V-Health Passport account and fill out the form below to have the locations feature activated in your dashboard.