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General Enquiries
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Self-Certified Upload (UK Only)

V-Health Passport vaccine

Limited Time

Self-Certified Trial

In a limited time, UK only trial, V-Health Passport™ are opening up the ability to upload your NHS PCR test & or vaccine certificate to V-Health Passport™.

A member of the V-Health Passport™ team will check the documents prior to upload where if successful, a pass will be granted. The words ‘Self Certified’ will appear on the pass screen once scanned.

If you wish to add your school, care home or workplace to the V-Health Passport™ please contact us.

Self Certified Passports

are not valid for Travel certification.

The self-certified health-passports will not be valid for travel and will expire within 3 days of the time of test. Inline with U.K government guidelines, if you require a certificate for travel, please visit our test centres where they can apply a valid certificate to your account, you can find them here.

Self Certification Form

You will need a fully populated V-Health Passport™ account which contains a valid profile photo and full photographic ID.

For us to locate your account, please provide the email address linked to your account and/or V-Passport number (this can be found by tapping your own pass in the VPassport™ app).