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Digital Health Passport Holds Key To Getting Fans Back Into Rugby & Sports Stadiums

Former England Rugby Captain & 2003 World Cup Winner Joins Rugby Pals At Sale Sharks For Covid-19 Testing.

Former England Rugby Captain and 2003 World Cup Winner Mike Tindall MBE joined rugby pals Mark Cueto MBE (Sale Sharks) and Tom Curry (Sale Sharks /England) to launch V-Health Passport™ at Sale Sharks rugby training ground in Manchester.

Mike Tindall MBE - who is a Global Sporting Brand Ambassador for Manchester based cyber security firm VST Enterprises - joined Mark Cueto MBE and Tom Curry in taking a Corona virus test - under social distancing measures - which they then successfully uploaded to their V-Health Passport™ to demonstrate the covid testing and health passport was fully operational.

 The former England Rugby Captain was given a BioSure Covid-19 rapid test which took less than 1 minute to administer by Latus Health and returned his test results back in under 10 minutes.  Mike Tindall MBE, Mark Cueto MBE and Tom Curry all tested ‘negative’ which they were then able to easily upload their test result status to their V-Health Passport™.

 The BioSURE rapid Covid-19 test is the only antibody kit available which tests for IgA, IgM and IgG. Manufactured in the UK, the CE certified and MHRA registered triple antibody test is able to identify if a person currently has Corona virus (Covid-19), or if they have had a previous infection. Providing qualitative results in under 10 minutes, this test is praised as a ‘game-changer’ for the screening of high volumes of people to increase the efficiency of Covid testing and crowd safety. The combined rapid test and V-Health Passport cost is £35 per test, which not only makes it the perfect testing solution, but one that is also affordable for all rugby and football fans compared to the other tests currently offered costing between £130-£150 per test.

V-Health Passport™ is widely recognised as the leading Gold standard solution to help get Rugby League and Rugby Union, premier league football and all other UK sports back into professional competition. The V-Healthpassport holds the key to getting all sports fans back into UK sports stadiums in a safe and controlled manner.

Commenting on the test and V-Health Passport™ Mike Tindall MBE said;

 “The whole process of taking the BioSure rapid test and uploading the test result to my VHealth Passport was really quick, easy to do and reassuring to know my health status was authenticated as ‘negative’ in a matter of minutes!  This technology really is a game changer for all Rugby players and fans of both rugby union and rugby league. It will mean that all players, coaches and backroom staff can be tested and regularly have their Covid 19 status updated onto their V-Health Passport™ on their mobile phone.  Fans can have the reassurance that once they have been tested they can use the VHealth Passport to attend games safely. VHealth Passport can also be used across many other sports such as football, Formula 1, horse racing and golf.”

Both Mike and his wife the former World Champion and 2012 Olympic Silver medalist Zara Tindall (Phillips) MBE are global sporting ambassadors for the Manchester based cyber security technology company VST Enterprises™ (VSTE). As ambassadors, the couple represent the British technology company across the UK sports sectors in rugby, horse racing, equestrian, golf and luxury lifestyle brands with its ground breaking VCode® VPlatform® and VHealth Passport technology.

Mike Tindall - V-Health Passport

The technology and use of a V-Health Passport™ in UK sport and in particular football and rugby has also been given the public backing and seal of approval of former Sports Minister Richard Caborn.  

 “As Mike Tindall, Mark Cueto and Tom Curry have perfectly demonstrated in this pilot exercise the use of a secure digital health passport such as V-Health Passport™ along with a rapid Covid-19 test in spectator sports such as rugby, football, Formula 1, golf and snooker is absolutely key to tackling the issue of getting fans back into stadiums. It is vital that all fans are tested and then given a health passport to show their valid health status.  There can be no doubt in my mind that this is the way forward for all sporting organisations to get their fans back spectating at UK sports events in a safe and controlled manner. V-HEALTH PASSPORT™ is developed by a British company and that is also vital that we support and use British technology and innovation at a time like this. The technology is easy to use, secure and most importantly holds the key to getting fans back into sport.”

Caborn believes that the technology would play a crucial role in getting spectating fans back into UK sports. As Sports Minister in 2005 he played a key role in securing London to host the 2012 Olympic Games and is one of the longest serving and most respected Sports Ministers.

Hull based Latus Healthcare who have provided Covid-19 testing for a number of major clients including investment bank JP Morgan, Morrisons and MKM Building Supplies supplied and administered the BioSure Rapid test for the VHealth Passport pilot at Sale Sharks.  MD Jack Latus of Latus Healthcare who have partnered with VST Enterprises as one one its preferred healthcare companies said; 

“The key to getting rugby and football fans back into the stadiums is simply to test, test, test and validate with a VHealth Passport. It is the only way that a fan or player can take a test and then use a universal system such as VHealth Passport that is ultra secure to prove that they have taken a test, that their result is valid and that the person presenting the test and health passport is who they say they are. This is the key to getting fans back into the stadiums safely and with minimal risk.”   

VSTE along with its partners RED STRIKE - the International sports marketing and rights holder founded by former Manchester United FC International MD Mike Farnan - are pioneering the way forward for both players and fans to get back to sport. 

VSTE, REDSTRIKE and its partners HALO Solutions Ltd, Latus Health and Infinite Possibilities Global are collaboratively working together to produce a unique “FANS ARE BACK” blueprint. Pooling their respective expertise in cyber technology, sports management, event safety and health care, the first of these pilot proposals is currently being prepared for DCMS (Department Of Culture Media & Sport ) and UK Government.  Pilot schemes will be put into place with rapid testing and a V-Health Passport™ across rugby, football, snooker and motorsports. 

The partnership has been engaged at the very highest level with sports governing bodies and regulatory bodies across football, rugby, Formula 1, Formula E cricket, tennis, snooker and horse racing. VSTE is currently using its VCode® cyber security technology to work with the UNITED NATIONS as part of their SDG Collaboratory (Sustainable Development Goals) program - to provide a wide range of unique identifiers and technology services to 9 Billion people by 2030.