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VPlatform VCodeWhat makes up the V-Health Passport™?

The V-Health Passport™ framework and portal is built upon the patented, multi-award winning VCode® & VPlatform® technology components.

This consists of a secure 2D Barcode (VCode®) and a secure digital security platform created by VST Enterprises®.

The portal view has two views, one for an administrator and one for a member of the public. The admin view is there to create, manage and update the passport information.

The public view is to view the user passport, receive communications, updates and also print off the code where needed.

VCode (VHealth Passport Display)How do I carry the V-Health Passport™?

The V-Health Passport™ can be presented by showing the VCode® on a smart-device. For non-smart-device users, the VCode® can be printed off to be and presented where needed.

GDPR Compliant ScreenWhat information does the V-Health Passport™ share about me publicly?

All of the VST Enterprises® technologies are built with privacy in mind (privacy by design) and the V-Health Passport™ is no different.

A member of the public who scans a V-Health Passport™ VCode® sees a GDPR compliant screen which does not feature any identifiable information of the passport holder. Your photo, passport colour and expiry date is presented to the public scanner and is not stored for future use.

Who can see all of the information uploaded to the V-Health Platform?

Only an administrator of the V-Health Platform can view all of the information stored. An administrator will be a Doctor, Nurse or Health Practicioner. It will not be a member of the Police, Fire Service or Armed Forces.

The V-Health Platform in most cases is no different to how a health care professional stores and uploads information today. It is merely a modern, more efficient way of calling back information when presented by a member of the public.

GPS TrackingDoes the V-Health Passport™ track my location?

Unlike other solutions in the market place, VST Enterprises® technologies do not track your real-time location.

Location is only used to either call back geo-sensitive information specific for the scanning user or for the user to see when they were scanned.

Medical HistoryDoes V-Health Passport™ reveal any of my medical history?

No past medical information about the user is revealed to the administrator or members of the public.

Only new information can be recalled by an administrator.

Amazon AWSWhere and how is my data stored?

The V-Health Passport is stored and encrypted on Amazon AWS servers. White-labelled customers who have opted for data sovereignty will disclose in their own data management statements how they are managing their solutions.

Geo FenceWhat is the company doing to stop abuse of the system?

VST Enterprises® will be use a mixture of the Geo-Location, Time & Date VPlatform® rules for v.2 of the V-Health Passport.

This means a platform administrator will not be able to access passport details or scan a passport in admin mode if they are not in their place of work and within their working hours.

If an administrator is out of these parameters, they will simply see what a member of the public also gets to see (GDPR compliant version).

Hello SodaHow is my Identity uploaded into the V-Health Passport™?

The VHealth Passport uses ‘Hello Soda’ and their iDocufy solution for identity onboarding.

With iDocufy we can verify any user in the world using their existing national identity document. 

We can analyse over 5,000 document types via scanning in the V-Health Passport platform which includes driving licence, passport, national ID card, birth certificate, residence document, voter ID, permit, visa, vehicle registration, weapon licence, tribal identification, and beyond. iDocufy can verify any national identity document in the world.

Covid TestDo you require a test to receive the V-Health Passport™?

A public user does not have a VCode® upon sign up to the solution. Only an administrator can run through the test to passport issuing process to assign a VCode® to the passport holder.

No Vaccine NeededDo you require a Vaccine to receive the V-Health Passport™?

You do not require a Vaccine to own a V-Health Passport.

VCode ImageWhat is a VCode®?

A VCode® is a revolutionary 2D bar code/Unique Identifier… created, patented and trademarked by VST Enterprises.

There are 2.2 Quintillion variations of VCode® which is roughly 300m per person on the planet today.

One VCode® has infinite possibilities as what they can do can be changed via: Geo Location, Time & Date, User Login, Device Type, Device Network & Amount of Times Scanned.

VPlatform®What is the VPlatform®?

The VPlatform® is where the VCodes are created, managed and updated. This is where a Code owner can re-route information based on the security permissions.