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V-Health Passport Creation

V-Health Passport™ Pass Creation

The V-Health Passport™ is a simple to use I.D system that can display various health status’ about the passport holder.

Once the public user has registered their details via the V-Health Passport™ portal or mobile phone application, 

they can request an appointment with a GP Surgery or Health Care Administrator that is registered with the V-Health Passport Platform.

For more information on test centres, click here.

The Administrator can quickly locate the patient details and then apply any ‘Item’ (e.g covid test) to the passport in 5 easy steps.

The V-Health platform is ‘Test Agnostic’ and has been built to form a broader identity infrastructure passed Covid-19.

The V-Health Passport™ also offers a unique ‘Contact Tracing’ solution for consumers and business’ that can be viewed here.



Medical Professional Registration

To register on the V-Health Platform™ as a medical professional you can do this by clicking here. A member of the V-Health team will then make contact with you or your Organisation for more information.

Create V-Health Passport™

5 Steps to Passport

An Organisations medical professional can create and add an ‘item’ to a passport in 5 easy steps starting with locating the public user. This can be done using their VHealth ID, Email or by scanning their passport.

Authenticating the User

The medical professional can see information the public user has uploaded including their passport photo, name and Identity Document. This must be authenticated before moving to the next stage.

Selecting Item Type

The V-Health Platform™ has been designed to work throughout and passed Covid-19 and has the ability to add any kind of Item to a users V-Health Passport™ 

Assigning An Item

If it is a test being assigned, the results can be uploaded after administration. ‘Positive’ creates a Red Passport, ‘Negative’ a Green and ‘Sent for Analysis ‘creates a Blue.

Passport Preview

Using the V-Health Platform Rules, the VCode® issued can deliver different results to those who scan it. This can be based on Geo-Fences, Logins, Time, Date & User ID.

Passport Issue

Once the ‘Organisation’ completes the V-Health Passport™ issue, they have the option to print the V-Health Test Certificate or associated VCode® the user is updated via App/Platform notification as well as by email.


The Passes Section

Organisations have custodianship of a V-Health Passport™ issued by themselves. They can see the pass status until expiry. If a user receives an update from an alternate organisation, the previous organisation will lose custodianship and view access. 

Test Agnostic Platform

The V-Health Passport™ is test agnostic. Organisations can add new ‘items’ and the associated data easily from the admin panel. The information provided is printed on the physical certificates after issue. The notification period is also set within the admin portal.

Why Use VCode®

VCode® is an award winning, patented technology solution created and protected by VST Enterprises®.

The VPlatform that issues and manages the VCode® creation is closed loop which means all VCode® creations must flow through the central system that is end-to-end encrypted.

The VCode® is not made up of destination data which means the platform can control what is delivered to the device screen using Geo Fences, Time, Date, User ID, Device Type & Amount of Scans.

VCode® is not subject to attagging due to the closed-loop nature of the platform and due to sensitive use cases being displayed only through our VCode® enabled apps (not URL triggered). The VPlatform® is capable of producing 2.2 Quintillion, collision free variations of VCodes.

The software development kit and api allows branched off secure products to be created and adopted like our own V-Health Passport™ infrastructure that has been whitelabelled and promoted across the world.

VCode® can be scanned outside of the 2m safe distancing zone and in some circumstances can be scanned up to and over 100m away. V-Health Passport™… Boosting safety in virus control and safety checks. 

Think Safe…Stay Safe…Think VCode®

Why Not To Use QR Code?

The QR Code is an opensource un-regulated technology used in close proximity to kick start a ‘transaction’ from a mobile device.

Many transactions are subject to ‘Attagging’.

In Layman terms, Attagging is where a bad actor replaces a valid QR code with one they have created.

In most cases, this is done to divert payment of goods to themselves rather than the intended recipient.

This is usually done by linking a QR code to a similar domain named micro-site that the consumer will not notice when scanned using the native reader.

There are over 1 Billion false financial QR transactions per day in India alone.

Digital ID is becoming a hot topic, both for health passports and general ID it too will be subject to ‘Attagging’ and other abuse.

Another downfall of using QR Code for this type of solution is that a user may have to carry 100’s of different QR codes for the same identity use case.

Companies who wished to add any form of security would also have to offer their own app to scan a QR code which may lead to a consumer having to carry 100’s of apps due to the QR codes open source nature (not being generated from a central source).

Ultimately, QR code leads to a risky experience for the consumer and business’ for data security and crowd management. A problem that could be avoided by using a centralised code such as VCode® which still maintains the security for the companies and governments needing to use the system but offers the freedom to the consumer to move between them all.

* QR Codes can’t be scanned outside of the 2m safe distancing zone jeopardising public safety in virus control checks.


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