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V-Health Passport™

Understanding Our Covid-19 Test Passport Colours

V-Health Passport™ issue Covid-19 test passports on a global basis and in all industries. In doing so we found each nation and industry have approached how they tested and recorded data differently.

Our test agnostic solution allows for PCR, Antibody & Antigen tests to be added to the passport. The V-Health Passport™ can be displayed digitally and physically and is easily accessed on the VPassport™ app and platform.

To add your Vaccine Certificate to your health pass in a country that is not connected to V-Health Passports™ API, please click ‘Self Verify’ after signing into your portal on this website.

v-health passport
Click the image above to watch a short video relating to the VPassport™ Covid-19 test passport colours

Grey - Covid-19 Test Passport

This means the VPassport™ holder has not been tested has not been tested for Covid-19 or has an expired test.

Blue - Covid-19 Test Passport

This means the VPassport™ holder is waiting for their latest Covid-19 test results to be updated.

Green - Covid-19 Test Passport

This means the VPassport™ holder latest Covid-19 test result was negative.
V-Health Passport Covid-19 Test Passport

Red - Covid-19 Test Passport

This means the VPassport™ holders latest Covid-19 test result was positive.

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