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V-Health Passport

Introducing the V-Health Passport™

The V-Health Passport™ is a simple to use I.D system that can display various health status’ about the passport holder in the most secure way.

V-Health Passport™ Scan permissions also allow other items to be viewed from the issued Passport such as travel and event tickets.

Once the public user has registered their details via the V-Health Passport™ portal or mobile phone application (available on both Android and iOS), they can request an appointment from one of our global test centres via the V-Health Platform™.

V-Health Passport™ also has a built in contact tracing element named ‘True Contact’ which alerts users when they have been in contact with one another.

Current Passport Providers

The Passport Journey

Once a member of the public has signed up for their V-Health Passport™ account by visiting the platform or by downloading the app on Android or iOS they can then follow the simple steps below.

  • A member of the public books an appointment with a registered V-Health™ test centre.
  • A health care administrator verifies the V-Health™ user and administers the corona virus test or vaccine.
  • The health care administrator uploads the test or vaccine results to the users V-Health Passport™.
  • The public user can use their V-Health Passport™ via a physical or digital certificate ft. VCode®.
  • The unique VCode® can be scanned over 2m away to display their current health status.
  • A geo locked Venue VCode® can be scanned by the public user for A routine symptom check.
  • Notifications can be sent to the public user routinely or on demand to maintain testing is kept up to date.
Zara & Mike Tindall

Mike & Zara Tindall Receive V-Health Passport™

The royals took the tests in their role as ambassadors for VST Enterprises® and uploaded their results to their V-Health Passport™, where they appeared within seconds. The test was administered under Covid-19 safe practice by Latus Health Care.

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Product Unique Features

Distance Scanning

V-Health Passport, VCodes can be scanned outside the 2m safe distancing zone.  In other use cases, VCode® can be scanned up to and over 100m away.

VCode® Variations

VCode® has 2.2 Quintillion Secure VCode® Image Variations (roughly 300m per person on the planet).

Permissioned Access

One Code, Infinite Possibilities… multiple routes of information via a permission based platform. Secure information is delivered based on: Who, What, Where, When a person scans a VCode® and with what device.

Error Correction

VCode® allows 30% standard error correction on all codes and allows the code to become transparent down to 10% opacity.


VCode® is up to 10s faster to interact with than other image recognition technologies saving hours in effitiency for any government or company that integrate it.

Contact Tracing

Accurate VCode® interaction analytics: User I.D, Code Scanned, Time/Date, Geo Location (Interaction Only). Notifies all users of ‘positive’ test contacts automatically.


White Label Platform

The V-Health Passport platform can be taken ‘as-is’ and white-labled for use. Contact us for more information.


If a full solution isn’t needed, Clients can use the VHealth (API) & Software Development Kit (SDK) available on request.

Government Cloud

VST Enterprises tech solutions VCode® & VPlatform® are listed on the Government Cloud Digital Market Place.

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