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The following statement is made on behalf of VST Enterprises Ltd ( and all other companies) in response to the above news article run by the BBC this morning which is factually inaccurate and highly misleading. 
The article relies on comment from Prof John Deeks from Birmingham University. He has made several statements to the media in the past month which VST Enterprises and others have criticised. He is a known vocal critic of rapid testing in any form, most recently criticising the mass testing plans in the city of Liverpool.  VST  Enterprises believes his concerns are completely unfounded and that it would have been better for him to raise queries or concerns with the company. 
VST created the secure digital VHealth Passport as a TEST AGNOSTIC secure platform.  VST Enterprises DOES NOT promote or recommend any specific Covid test or manufacturer.  
Contrary to what VST Enterprises considers was incorrectly provided to MHRA, the following summarises the correct position: 
  1. VST/V-Health Passport does not sell any Covid 19 tests. 
  2. The V-Health portal allows users to book a test with a medical centre which follow Government guidelines.
  3. There have been many advancements in rapid testing which can now test for ‘rapid antigen’ in 15 minutes and ‘rapid antibody’ in 10 minutes approved by Public Health England with test devices approved by the MHRA.
  4. ‘V-Health Passport’ is not (as alleged) being used as an ‘immunity passport”.  It encourages the user to have a regular test cycle to manage their personal contact with the virus which counteracts the very definition of ‘immune’. The test cycle is set by the medical professionals guided by their Governments guidelines/data
Track & Trace - V-Health Passport
VHealth Passport is a secure digital health passport that is a test agnostic platform, meaning it is not aligned to any particular Covid 19 test. The VHealth Passport works with all Global Covid testing protocols including PCR based technology and both rapid ‘antigen’ and rapid ‘antibody’ testing.
VST Enterprises does not advocate any specific test over another and will always be guided by medical science and the regulatory Governing bodies to use the best in class testing. 
The test used in the infomercial that is being referred to, is a Bio Sure, Rapid, Triple Antibody test which tests for IgG, IgM and IgA. While rapid antibody tests normally test for IgG and IgM status, the addition of the IgA line tests for early stage infection.  The test kit used was a professional test kit, CE marked for professional use only and registered with the MHRA. 
VST Enterprises has fully engaged with the MHRA concerning Prof Deeks “concerns” around rapid tests and immunity passports and VST Enterprises believes it has fully satisfied the MHRA request for clarification that it is not in fact an immunity passport.  
Issued By Gerard Franklin  Head Of PR Communications  & External Relations 
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