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UAE, Dubai, 2nd August 2021: Xerox Emirates, the industry experts in cutting-edge digital solutions, has entered into an exclusive strategic partnership holding all distribution rights with V-Health Passport Ltd. to launch V-Health Passport™, a Secure ID & contact tracing platform.

XEROX V-Health Passport

The ambitious collaboration will see Xerox Emirates bolster its already impressive portfolio of intelligent
and innovative services by offering the V-Health Passport™ in addition to its advanced VCode® and
VPassport® products to clients around the UAE and the wider GCC.

The V-Health Passport™ is a secure global mobile solution built on the VPassport® platform that uses
VST Enterprises revolutionary patented VCode® technology.

This multi-functional platform has a one-step registration process via the V-Health Passport™ portal or
app (available on both Android and iOS) and uses an ID system to provide a chain of evidence
displaying various health information about the user such as vaccination status, recent tests as well as
other items such as boarding pass, travel and event tickets. This advanced technology is accessible
via mobile or printed lanyards/tickets and allows the user’s status to be shared from a safe distance
using a scannable VCode® or mobile phone.

Being a test and vaccination agnostic platform, this solution empowers the healthcare sector with details
related to all testing regimes including PCR, LAMP, rapid antigen and antibody tests for COVID-19.
Healthcare professionals can register, create and add an item to a passport in five easy steps starting
with locating a public user via their V-Health ID, email or scanning their passport.

Another exclusive feature of V-Health Passport™ is the built-in and fully automated contact tracing
system True Contact®, which alerts users when they have been in contact with someone who has
tested positive either by V-Health Passport™ or venue VCodes without the need to track their location.
Venue Codes by V-Health Passport™ are gaining popularity with music, sports, restaurants or hotel
venues. A ‘trackandtrace’ venue code is set up with a digital geo-fence assisting the system with live
contact tracing. This means if a passport user who has visited the venue tests positive for coronavirus,
other users who visited the venue on that same day will automatically receive an email, text and app
alert prompting them to be re-tested.

Provided as a fully centralised distributed framework, this revolutionary solution and its accompanying
apps are free to use and meet the highest security standards. The VCode and V-Health platforms are
GDPR compliant providing user information including geolocation, time, date and device type.
The V-Health Passport™ is an exclusive addition to Xerox Emirates’ suite of digital services and
solutions. Xerox Emirates and VHP possess a market-leading range of products and services with
capabilities that complement each other’s status. The newly agreed partnership is aimed at helping
organisations and events stay safe and become more efficient.

Shahzeen Mir, Sales and Marketing Director, Xerox Emirates, said: “Xerox Emirates continues to
support the UAE’s drive towards a safe environment that uses the most advanced, secure, efficient and
reliable solutions to upgrade and streamline essential and everyday processes. Our exclusive
partnership with V-Health Passport™ will help fast track the authentication of COVID-19 tests in
addition to tracking and maintaining records in the UAE’s healthcare sector. The all in one solution is a
perfect synergy between companies and our expertise will ensure an easier to use, faster to implement,
more adaptable system than there has ever been before in this industry.”

Louis-James Davis, CEO, V-Health Passport, said: “V-Health Passport are delighted to partner with
Xerox Emirates. Their experience in scaling business’ in similar fields as V-Health Passport will be
paramount for the ongoing growth and success of our products.”