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 Sporting Legend, Harry Redknapp is the latest high-profile name from the world of TV and sport to join British health technology company V-Health Passport™ (VHP) as its Global Ambassador. 

Harry Redknapp - V-Health Passport

Sporting Legend, Harry Redknapp is the latest high-profile name from the world of TV and sport to join British health technology company V-Health Passport™ (VHP) as its Global Ambassador.

The role established through Brian Melzack, one of the V-Health Passport™ team, together with ‘Tutum Workplace’, one of the companies delivery partners who have been delivering workplace testing throughout the UK using the V-Health Passport™ platform.

Harry has joined forces with sporting legend Sir. Kenny Dalglish MBE and Rt. Hon. Richard Caborn (former sports minister) to pioneer a UK wide campaign to make entertainment venues safe via the V-Health Passport technology.

The Manchester based health technology company which was founded by tech entrepreneur Louis-James Davis developed a secure digital health passport – V-Health Passport™ that has been used in over 80 countries as a means of returning to work, travel and events.

The FREE test & vaccine agnostic health passport although accessible via a smartphone, it isn’t essential to own one as you can print your V-Health Passport™ code and carry it on a lanyard, keyring tag or even just printed on paper. The platform is delivered by the VPassport smartphone app and is also integrated into NHS GP records via the MyGP app ( – the V-Health Passport™ technology is the only interoperable platform that allows for rebrands or integration with exiting systems whether it’s a GP practice, laboratory, or ticketing agent. It features its own unique contact tracing technology ‘True Contact®’ which is specifically designed for workplaces, sports stadiums, music and theatre venues.

As VHP’s global ambassador, Harry will highlight the importance of using the secure VCode® digital technology behind V-Health Passport™.

Commenting on his new appointment Harry Redknapp said;
“Meeting Louis was amazing for me, I’m someone who is not tech minded, and I found him incredible, so clever, the tech blew my mind.

I felt this was a great Idea and something I wanted to get involved in…anything that can help people feel safe when they go out to venues, bars, restaurants is great. This is going to help people and we want to see people get back to normality safely and I feel this is a great way of helping to do that.

The pass is a double-edged sword, you can use it not just to prove that you had a test or vaccine, but the same pass is your ticket for entry too, you have it all on the one app it’s just fantastic.

Commenting on the appointment VHP Founder & CEO Louis-James Davis said;
“It’s great to have Harry join the company as ambassador. He has had an amazing career so far and it’s still evolving. I’m sure together we can drive further success and awareness for V-Health Passport and the VCode technology.”

The VCode® technology at the front of the V-Health Passport™ has being hailed as the cyber security’s version of ‘human DNA’. The technology has several applications and uses from secure health passports to ticketing, payments, identity provisioning and authentication across all spectator sports. The technology’s innovative capabilities across the events industry. It can be used for secure paperless ticketing, security access, payments, and advertising interactions.

The ultra-secure V-Health Passport™ does not use opensource Bar codes or QR codes represent 1st and 2nd generation code scanning technology due to them being unsecure. QR codes can be cloned and hacked under a process called ‘Attagging”. The use of any form of a QR code in a health passport could potentially lead to a person’s data being hacked, compromised or misused.

VHP is currently using its V-Health Passport™ across several sectors including the travel industry – with its FIT TO FLY campaign, as well as other major transport infrastructure including rail and maritime assets.