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Richard Caborn Former Sports Minister UK Government 

Former Sports Minister Richard Caborn has publicly backed the use of a new cyber security technology that is to be used as a digital health passport to help kick start UK sports and get Britain back to work.

Former Labour MP and MEP Richard Caborn believes that the V-Health Passport - developed by leading Manchester based health technology firm V-Health Passport - has great potential in resuming UK Sport in a safe and controlled manner. He also believes it can play a vital role in resuming live televised sport, boosting the nations mental health, well being and ultimately in helping the public return to work safely. 

The V-Health Passport is a unique cyber security technology app powered by the ul-tra secure VCode® which works alongside a Covid-19 testing kit to provide an intelligent traffic light system on a smart phone or credit card device to authenticate a persons test status of positive or negative. “Red” indicates a positive, “Green” indicates a negative test result and “Amber” indicates a countdown trigger date to the next test date re-quired. 

Unlike other technologies being proposed by the Government, V-Health Passport does not track and trace, it does not use unsafe bluetooth technology or compromise personal privacy and security. V-Health Passport® provides a unique verification of a persons health test and status. All private data is limited and ultra secure with end to end encryption using closed loop technology and making the passport un hackable. 

Commenting on the V-Health Passport technology the former Sports Minister said; 

“I was extremely impressed to learn about the V-Health Passport developed by a British company with British based technology. This really is groundbreaking technology developed by Louis-James Davis and his team at VST Enterprises in Manchester and I understand that the very same technology is also being used by the United Nations. I believe that adapting and using this digital health passport - along with an approved Covid-19 testing kit - holds great potential in resuming football and all UK sports. It will allow players and teams to resume training within safe parameters and getting football matches and fixtures resumed in bio bubbles behind closed doors for a first phase. 

In adopting this technology and testing with responsible policing and administration by each club or sporting organisation, there is no reason why football matches can’t be re-sumed behind closed doors aa a first stage. This would have to be restricted initially with a team of say around 200 people including players, backroom staff, medical teams and television crews. They would be tested 24 hours prior to a match and then again on entry to the ground. Providing all of these safety measures are in place there is no reason why the Premier League and others cant resume their televised fixtures - albeit without football fans in the first phases - and fulfil its television rights obligations. Gradu-ally in line with Government recommendations a second phase could then see fans re-turning to the grounds with Covid tests and a V-Health Passport® 

Caborn, who served as Minister Of Sport from 2001-2007, was one of the UK’s longest serving Sports Ministers and hugely respected for his contribution to UK sport. He was also appointed by Gordon Brown as the Prime Minister’s Ambassador for Englands 2018 World Cup bid. 

Having seen how the technology works first hand the former Sports Minister believes that it will play a vital role in helping to re start training and matches as part of “Project Restart”, eventually leading to the public returning to spectate at football matches and all UK Sport. Caborn also believes that the resumption of football and UK sport under close doors and managed in gradual phased stages will give the British public a re-newed sense of national optimism. Caborn added; “Resuming live televised sport will be a massive boost to the nation’s mental health, well being and morale. Football has a incredible way of unifying a country in times of crisis.” 

V-Health Passport CEO & Inventor Louis-James Davis said; 

“We welcome Richard’ Caborn’s support for our “V-Health Passport®” and the pivotal role it can play in getting football and all UK sports resumed. We firmly believe that the “V-Health Passport®” working alongside Government approved testing kits is the key to assisting the Government in removing the lockdown restrictions in a gradual and con-trolled way. Ultimately this health passport can then be used as part of a UK wide plan to get the country back to work with testing and health passports confirming both health status and when a new Covid test is required. Unlike the existing technology being pro-posed “V-Health Passport®” does not use bluetooth tracking, tracing or proximity tech-nology to track your movements location and data. “V-Health Passport®” is ultra secure with end to end encryption using closed loop technology so all data and personal details are secure at all times.” 

The Manchester based company are also in advanced discussions with senior UK Gov-ernment officials, NHSX the technology arm of the NHS and the Home Office about its cyber security technology. The cyber security technology developed by VSTE can be used by various sectors including critical care workers doctors, nurses and health work-ers in the NHS and blue light emergency services key workers. Using a VCode® integ-rated with a health passport would help get them back on the front line in a safe and controlled manner. 

VHP and its partner REDSTRIKE - the sports marketing agency set up by former Manchester United FC International MD Mike Farnan - are also in advanced discus-sions with major global sporting organisations and regulatory bodies in F1, motorsport, football, rugby, athletics, cycling, golf, tennis and basketball, to use its VCode® techno-logy and V-Health Passport® to help kick start the global sports economy.