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Introducing V-Health™ - 'The Peoples Passport'

VST Enterprises Ltd (VSTE), the UK-based cyber security firm, have developed a ‘digital health passport’ & platform (V-Health Passport) from their revolutionary VCode® and VPlatform™ technology. ‘V-Health™’ (powered by VCode®) not only helps rapidly speed up the process of getting key critical care workers within blue light emergency services returning to the frontline, but also ensure that they do so safely and securely.

A key worker can present their assigned VCode® using their smart phone, fob or lanyard printout which can be scanned outside of the 2 metre safe distancing zone. This can present in depth information to any health care official or a high level, GDPR compliant screen to members of the public to confirm and authenticate their current health status visualised by a traffic light system (Green, Amber & Red).

Other uses of the V-Health Passport are private companies, airlines, hotel chains and sports and leisure organisations that need a return to work passport for their employees and guests.


VSTE are currently using the under lying technology (VCode® & VPlatform®) as part of their contracted work with the UNITED NATIONS as part of their SDG Collaboratory (Sustainable Development Goals) program – to provide a wide range of technology services to 9 Billion people by 2030.

VST Enterprises are collaborating with numerous accredited test providers to add a VCode® to each individual test to prove its authenticity when entering the passport system.

After a health care professional has activated and administered a test kit, they can validate whether the digital passport holder has tested negative or positive for coronavirus or has the antibodies present. From this, the health professional updates the passport holders status instantly without changing the VCode®.

In future updates, the health passport will include confirmation that they are vaccinated and can contain all information of other vaccinations and make part of a much broader Health Passport.

Product Unique Features

Distance Scanning

V-Covid, VCodes can be scanned at 2m away wheras VCode® in other use cases can be scanned up to and over 100m away.

VCode Permitations

VCode® has 2.2 Quintillion Secure VCode® Image Variations (roughly 300m per person on the planet).

Permissioned Access

One Code, Infinite Possibilities… multiple routes of information via a permission based platform. Secure information is delivered based on: Who, What, Where, When a person scans a VCode® and with what device.

Error Correction

VCode® allows 30% standard error correction on all codes and allows the code to become transparent down to 10% opacity.


VCode® is up to 10s faster to interact with than other image recognition technologies saving hours in effitiency for any government or company that integrate it.


Accurate VCode® interaction analytics: User I.D, Code Scanned, Time/Date, Geo Location


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White Label Platform

The V-Health Platform can be taken ‘as-is’ and white-labled for use. Contact us for more information.

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If the full solution is not needed, Clients can use the VCode® (API) & Software Development Kit (SDK) available via

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Government Cloud

VST Enterprises tech solutions VCode® & VPlatform® are listed on the Government Cloud Digital Market Place.

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“I know VSTE prides itself on its ‘infinite Possibilities’ – and it is exactly that sort of optimism this country needs to power its economy. Manchester’s exciting tech industry is already sparking new ideas and new businesses and VSTE will be able to spread the word in India.”

Rt. Hon. Theresa MayEx. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

What Other People Are Saying

Rt. Hon. Dr. Liam Fox – Ex. International Trade Minister of the United Kingdom

“VST Enterprises is a prime example of how UK firms are seizing the numerous opportunities available in overseas markets. It’s great to see VST Enterprises follow the Prime Minister’s Trade Mission to India with a new contract which will use the best of British innovation to deliver huge benefits for India and for the UK”

Robert Wigley – Chairman, UK Finance

Britain excels in this sector and has been a global leader in cyber technology from the earliest days of the codebreakers. Alan Turing was one of the greatest British pioneers and innovators of computer science and technology. Today the UK has some of the brightest and gifted minds like Louis-James who can follow in his footsteps and take those early advancements and technologies forward as we progress in the digital world.

Patrick Imbach – Director, KPMG

“The versatility and range of the VCode® makes for near seamless user experience. This unlocks a wide variety of industry use cases; from physical retail and logistical tracking to content and product verification, the possibilities are limitless.”